Start the car! Start the car! Just like that familiar iconic Ikea ad campaign, you will feel like you are saving a bundle of cash when you use your Amazon Prime account to purchase items from Whole Foods.


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Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition on Monday of Whole Foods Market will provide¬†some perks for those who regularly use Whole Foods Market and their Prime accounts. They plan to make many changes across the Whole Foods Market consumer purchases in terms of cost cutting.

Whole Food Market’s image has become slightly tarnished and Amazon is hoping that the savings which begin immediately, will help to turn the brand image around. Making a separate stop for Organic food items will be eliminated due to the fact that you will be able to order directly from your Amazon Prime account without getting out of bed.

According to Amazon’s public statement on Thursday, Amazon Prime users will be able to pick up other Prime items and make returns from select Whole Foods Market locations.

Your beloved feline furbaby, Fluffy Doodles Smoodles, will not be left out. Amazon is integrating the Whole Paws brand from Whole Foods Market into their Prime shopping access line.


Now is the time to consider getting an Amazon Prime account if you do not have one. There are numerous other benefits of the Prime membership and if you use Amazon on a regular basis, the membership is worth it. Who knows, if you regularly shop at Whole Foods Market, the savings from Prime may pay for your Prime Account membership fee each year.