Deserae Turner, 14, was found lying in a dry canal, shot in the head, in the small town of Smithfield, Utah. Authorities have charged two teenage boys with the crime in which the motive is almost unbelievable-the boys were tired of her Snapchat posts.

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During evidentiary hearings for trial, authorities testified that the teens came up with the murderous plot while playing video games.

“I just didn’t want anything to do with Snapchatting her anymore,” one of the 16-year-old boys said, according to a statement he gave to police that was read aloud in juvenile court.

“Well, you’ve got a 6-inch blade, why don’t you do it yourself,” his friend replied.

One of the boys initially thought the plan was just a ‘crude joke’ but continued to plot out the murder with the other boy. They decided that slitting Deserae’s throat would be too difficult, so they grabbed a gun from under one the boy’s brother’s mattress.

The boys lured Desarae to an isolated dry ditch behind the high school and one of the boys shot her in the back of the head. They then robbed her and walked away, leaving Desarae there in the ditch to die.

The parents of Desarae organized a search party when she did not return home or answer her cell phone. She was found in the ditch by two women in the search party.

Miraculously, Desarae was still alive!

“I told my dad that I am tougher than a bullet,” Deserae Turner said at a news conference in Salt Lake City, according to KSL-TV. “It is still with me today.”

One month after Desarae was shot, while still hospitalized, she asked detectives who had shot her. The detectives determined that her father, Matt Turner, should inform her that it was one of the friends.

“She was surprised,” the detective testified, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “She had a look of shock on her face.”

Desarae is back home with her family and although she has a long road to recovery, she is confident that she will recover. She is not letting what happened to her completely ruin the rest of her life because it was a gift to get a second chance at living her life to the fullest.