Imagine driving down the road and you see a car with their airbags deployed still driving while another car with damage to their bumper is in hot pursuit!

    This is what happened to Alan Wang and he immediately started filming the incident as it unfolded.

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    Wang pauses in an intersection and asks the pursuing vehicle what happened. The driver tells Wang that he was rear-ended by the driver and he was on the phone with police.

    The driver then asks if there was damage to his vehicle and Wang confirms that the bumper is badly damaged. The hit and run suspect’s car then begins traveling down the road again with the victim’s car in pursuit.

    Wang notes to the camera that there was something approaching from behind him when suddenly the action begins up the road. The suspect’s car plows into a green passenger van and sends the van careening up in the air off the pavement on just the passenger tires!

    The suspect’s vehicle is stopped by crashing into a utility pole head-on. Remember, her airbags were already deployed at this point so little protection!

    Wang and the victim of the first hit and run, along with others, approach the woman. The first victim notes that she seems to be passed out or “on something”.

    Finally, we see that the woman is alert towards the end of the video. There is notably an issue with her whether it be medical or intoxication as the woman could not tell them what her name was.

    You can also see that the woman suffered a visible injury to her head with the presence of a large goose egg bump.

    The woman then unbelievably says that she stopped when in the first accident and appears to have no recollection of what unfolded previously to her ending up crashing into a utility pole.

    Amazingly, no major injuries happened during the pursuit and secondary accident!