MUST WATCH VIDEO: Bride SERENADES Groom – See Who Joined In And Had Everyone Crying


    Professional singer Maria Holand Tøsse is used to performing in front of an audience, but no one expected her to serenade her groom, Ronny Eidsvik, as she walked down the aisle.

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    Accompanied by 30 musicians and backup singers, Tøsse performed her husband-to-be’s favorite song, You Raise Me Up.

    The doors open and we see the bride standing there with her father, Charles. Music begins to play and she lifts a microphone from behind her bouquet.

    As the father and daughter pause halfway way down the aisle, Charles begins to sing about giving away his daughter and requesting that Eidsvik cherish his daughter and take care of her.

    “It was my father’s idea to join,” the bride told The Huffington Post. “He wanted to sing to Ronny too. He had a message to deliver, ‘And now it’s time to give away my daughter. You know it’s hard, so please take care of her.'”

    The bride gave her father assurances that her groom will care for her and not a dry eye was left in the church.

    “Since I sing every day for others, I wanted to sing for the man who supports me every day,” Tøsse told The Huffington Post. “He is the reason why I dared to start my own company and follow my dream to sing from my heart to others.”

    The ceremony took place in Ålesund Church, located in Norway.