MUST SEE: – The Most Extreme Predatory Animals In Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park is a world of predators, scavengers, and opportunists. In this vast and complex kingdom, two dominant predators reign supreme: the grizzly bear and the wolf. Size and power square off against speed and teamwork, as mighty grizzly bears contend with powerful packs of wolves for control of the food supply. Normally these two fearsome hunters would...

MUST SEE: – Falcon vs Pigeon: Dubai’s Bird Hunter In The Skies


Over half of the world's population now lives in the urban jungle. The city is built to keep untamed nature out - but nature can't be pushed away. In fact, it is still relied upon, even futuristic Dubai would falter without falcons.

MUST SEE: – Green Turtle’s Battle For Survival


From the moment they are born, these plucky Green Turtles from the Ascension Islands will face a huge battle to survive. Those that do survive, like their mothers did before them, will return to exactly the same beach where they hatched.

MUST SEE: – Chicks Jump Off Cliff – Will They Survive?


A Barnacle gosling must dive over 400 feet from its nest on a cliff top to reach it's parents down below.

MUST SEE: – Silverback gorilla stops traffic to cross road


This Silverback gorilla causes the road to come to a standstill when his family needs to cross it.

Deer Meets Snowman And Devours Him


This little deer came across the cutest snowman — and decided he was DELICIOUS. Frosty, you have been warned!

MUST SEE: – Snake vs Bird fighting LIVE


Compilation of videos showing snake vs. bird fights.

MUST SEE: – Crab vs Eel vs Octopus


To get to their feeding ground these crabs must cross treacherous waters where a hungry Moray Eel and Octopus are on the hunt - lurking just below the surface. In this clip, its crab vs eel and crab vs octopus - watch to find out if the crabs make it to their feeding grounds in one piece or if...

Man Rescues Raccoon Choking From Car Tarp!


This guy found a raccoon tangled in his car tarp and choking to death. Most intense rescue ever!

MUST SEE: – Hydroplaning Dolphins Show Ingenuity For Fishing In The Shallows


These remarkable Dolphins in Western Australia display incredible ingenuity when hunting for fish in the shallows. With little room for error, it would appear fortune does indeed favor the brave.