Artyon and Paige appeared on “America’s Got Talent” to perform for the Quarter Finals and blew everyone in the audience away. They seemed to have even amused Simon Cowell.

The dynamic dance duo from California, set up a dramatic beginning of their dance performance. Paige began the performance on the judges’ desk while Artyon slid onto the stage as pyrotechnics were set off behind him on the stage.

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The 80’s pop hit “Footloose” provided the theme for the performance. Backup dancers were all in 80’s themed costume.

The choreography was light hearted yet difficult, especially when you consider that the pair is not even in middle school yet.


Unfortunately, the dancing duo was eliminated before the semi finals. Fans posted encouragement to the duos’ Twitter and Facebook page.

Watch Artyon and Paige dance their final performance and see what you think.  Share with your friends!  So cute.


Artyon and Paige have kept their social media current. You can revisit the pages to keep up with their projects and plans for the future.